Kohn Summer Intern Program Application

Thank you for applying to the 2022 Kohn Summer Intern Program! To learn more about the program, please visit the JVS Kohn Summer Intern Program website page.

The Kohn Summer Intern Program is a unique 8-week program that provides Jewish college undergraduates the opportunity to:
  • Work for a Jewish non-profit organization
  • Build job search skills through JVS workshops
  • Be mentored by Jewish community leaders
  • Make life-long friendships with other interns
  • Examine issues facing the Jewish community
The Kohn Program, sponsored by Jewish Vocational Service (JVS), is for students whose primary residence is the Bay Area (even if they attend school elsewhere). Interns are placed in professional positions at leading Bay Area Jewish organizations.

The Kohn Program accepts students on a rolling basis. Once a student has their application and letters of reference submitted, they will participate in an interview. Decisions will be made once the student has a completed application.

Priority Deadline: Friday, April 1st

If you apply before this deadline, your application will be given the highest consideration in securing a placement at your preferred internship.

Final Deadline: Friday, April 29th

You may submit your application up until our final deadline, but please note there may be limited internships available after reviewing priority deadline applications.

  1. Your college, major, and grade point average
  2. Employment history
  3. Volunteer experience
  4. Leadership experience
  5. Professional skills
  6. One essay question (see below)
  7. Resume
  8. Two letters of recommendation. Once you submit your application, a letter of recommendation request will be automatically sent to your recommenders. At least one recommendation should be from a current or former supervisor, if possible. The other recommendation can be from an academic reference, an extra-curricular reference, or any other reference that can comment on your potential to succeed in a professional environment. We suggest that you notify your recommenders before submitting this application.


Once your application has been submitted, selected candidates will proceed with an interview via Zoom.

*Essay Question:

Explain how your personal experiences and values have shaped your interest in participating in the Kohn Summer Intern Program. Please be specific. Please also explain what you hope to gain from participating in the program.

Questions? Please contact kohn@jvs.org.

Basic Information

Permanent Contact Information

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Employment History

Please enter your employment history, starting with your most recent job. Enter each field on a new line.

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Leadership Experience

Work Experience Preferences

Please be aware that the Kohn program does not have the capacity to reimburse for commuting costs. If you prefer not to commute under ANY circumstances, please make that abundantly clear.

Work and Skill Preferences

Work Experience Preferences

Friday Seminar Topics

Short Essay

Resume and Recommenders

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